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14 June 2023: The computer that I use to maintain this site is bad, after not working for more than an year, tried to turn it on a couple of days ago and it started up. So, have been moving my astronomy images to https://www.astrobin.com/users/paulg/ while the computer was down and will no longer update this site.

7 Aug 2021: Added Messier 2

7 Aug 2021: Added Messier 29

11 June 2021: Added Messier 92.

10 June 2021: Added NGC 7789.

10 June 2021: Added Messier 24.

10 June 2021: Added Messier 7.

19 July 2020: Added Comet C2020 F3 Neowise.

17 Jul 2020: Added M39.

13 Jul 2020: Added Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise.

24  Jan 2020: Added My New Camping Setup.

24  Jan 2020: Added Messier 41.

5  Jul 2016: Added the Snake Nebula.

3  Jul 2016: Added the Pipe Nebula.

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