20061021 NJP1

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14 Oct 2014, the NJP is no longer in production.

This is the second time out with the Takahashi NJP mount. A FSQ-106N scope, 29Da camera, STV with E-finder and a red dot finder that I pulled off from my N4 are attached.

If you look close, you'll see a board under one of the tripod legs. After midnight on Friday, guiding went to crap, then tried with no guiding, no joy. Turned in, and when I got up the next day to take the flats, found that the leg had sunk into the sand a bunch, must have been very tired not to notice it the previous night. Good thing that I always carry a small assortment of boards in the truck. Had no problems that night.

Taken at Desert Center, Ca.

Date: 21 Oct 2006.

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