Comet Holmes & Tuttle

20071230 Holmes Tuttle


A wide-field image of Comet Holmes (17P) and Tuttle (8P). Comet Holmes is the white fuzzy object to the right of center. Comet Tuttle is the fuzzy green object in the upper right. M31, M33, M34, M45, California Nebula, and the Double Cluster are also visible. North is down in the image.

Imaging Site: Little Blair Valley, Ca.

For more information on the Comets:

Comet Holmes:  Wikipedia

Comet Tuttle:  Wikipedia

Date: 30 Dec 2007

Lens and f/: Tamron 17-35mm zoom at 17mm and f/4

Mount: I didn't record how I set it up.

Guiding: STV Deluxe

Camera: Canon 10D in raw mode, ISO: 800.

Number of sub-images and exposure: Twelve images at 300 seconds each.

Image Calibration: Dark.

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